Fully Managed Solutions In 15+ Global World-Wide Locations With... Speed, Redundancy & Blazing Fast SSD RAID Arrays

  • 100% Intel SSD
  • TB's of Bandwidth
  • NitroStackô Powered
  • vMin Control Panel
Managed BB
  • RAID Diskspace
  • 1Gbps Uplinking
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Custom Internal SSH Port
Backup Servers
  • 100% Intel SSD
  • TB's of Bandwidth
  • NitroStackô Powered
  • vMin Control Panel
Managed WP

NitroStackô High-Performance Software Stack

Successfully piecing together the breath taking software stack which provides the solid foundation to super charge our managed app solutions platform was no easy task. Expertly choosen we have selected Nginx + Varnish with MariaDB however to settle with nothing less than the best we added 15+ locations to provide the global front you deserve. read more >>

Proactive Server Management & Managed Colocation

Managing your own site or server is no easy task even the most experienced can be stumped. Our management capabilities range from single sites to multiple racks for the most demanding needs. Specialist areas such as server migrations, high traffic sites which require the most finely tweaked server configuration is just a small fraction of our speciality. read more >>
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Customer Testimonial Showcase
I have used LeapHost for some time now and I cannot praise them enough. The support is 1st class and fast we shall never need another hosting provider again!
- John Simms

Leaders in fully managed solutions

Offering the finest software stack available on the market with full management as standard will harness you every ounce of performance available to thunder through the internet.

24/7 Experienced geek support

We ensure your access to experienced knowledgeable support technicians remains our top priority so you can rest easily at night knowing that your safe within the hands of LeapHost.

100% High performance application SSD vServers

Your application will be based upon a strong foundation of high performance SSD vServer with high performance components Nginx, MariaDB and Varnish coupled together offering you the best high-end performance available on the market.

100% Fully managed solutions in 15+ locations

Deploying a fully managed solution in the geographical location of your intended audience is no longer considered a limitation but an industry standard here at LeapHost taking you further than ever before to a whole new dimension.